It feels great surrounding yourself with ethically-made, exquisite objects, and that’s exactly what you’ll find in our shop: a piece of The Modernist experience that you may have already felt in person or a pleasure that lies awaits you; whichever the case, thank you for the support!


Our Collaborators

We are inclusive by persuasion and working with the local community has been essential for us since the beginning. Whether it’s the custom-made amenities in your bathroom, the design of our space, or the handsome clothing worn by our people, we’ve gone the extra mile to use items made by some of Thessaloniki’s most creative and dynamic designers and craftspeople.

Crafted by local artisans

Made with love and an obsessive attention to detail by local artists and talented creatives, our signature collection includes high-end natural bathroom amenities, exquisite hand crafted espresso cups, cool tote bags, sophisticated notebooks, dope t-shirts, super cute coloring sets, silky soft sleep masks, umbrellas, or even popping souvenir pins, among other. Wander around our eShopping corner both to get a sneak peek of The Modernist world before your visit or to select which of your favorite stuff you’d like to take back home after you check-out, without any hurry!

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