The Modernist Christmas tea


Drink our special edition tea blend, and let The Modernist Christmas spirit guide you through the most relaxing winter holidays you’ve ever had. Tasteful, organic and eco-fiendly, our Christmas tea blend will even give the chance to grow your own aromatic plants at home!

Discover this unique and balanced combination of herbs and spices which will put you in a good and celebratory mood while keeping you warm during the cold winter days. This special edition herbal tea blend by Rhoeco, is a combination of herbal flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds which are all harmoniously balanced, resulting in a smooth and full-bodied blend. The cocooning aromas and the delicious comfort taste of much loved flavors of mountain tea, lemon verbena, cinnamon and ginger among the 10 different unique ingredients will spread the Christmas spirit to the fullest. For herb lovers who also have a thing for spices, our Christmas herbal tea blend will delight them to bits!

When the contents are finished, do not throw the package. Reuse it! On the underside of the lid, you will find the seed stick glued with organic herb seeds. Add soil to the biodegradable container, embed the seed stick and grow your own aromatic plants. Plant the container in a bigger planter or directly in your garden and play your part in the environmental protection by reducing waste.

Certified organic.
Naturally caffeine free.
Drink it hot to get most out of its aromas.
It does not need any sweeteners. If you like your beverages sweet, you can add a teaspoon of honey.
How to prepare: 1-2 gr. in 170 ml for 8-10 min/ 95oC

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